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Modern astrology vs. Ancient Astrology

Astrology is a practice of thinking through which the effect of astrological occurrences can be studied. Astrology focuses on the relationship between the phenomena of celestial happenings and terrestrial happenings. Those who study are called astrologers. These astrologers generally made scientific and mathematical calculations based on the position of stars and planets at the time of birth of the person. Astrology shows how these planets and stars impact our personalities and daily lives. But this doesn’t mean that modern astrology does not analyze the outer planets and their position, but the real difference lies in the non-technical factors. 

As time passed, the methods of astrological predictions also changed. Astrology has now become a way of earning. Likewise, many online astrologers are making precise predictions to support individuals. Ancient astrology shares many similarities with Chinese, Vedic, and Arabic astrology. However, all these astrology are completely dissimilar from today’s modern astrology. Modern astrology is the result of the post-industrialization of the occidental worldview. But whatever the type is, astrology consultation is an effective way to know about the fortune and present happenings so that you get the strength to deal with your hard situations. If you are also dealing with some hard situations, speak to an astrologer. But to know the major differences between traditional and modern astrology, just read this blog until the end. 

Modern Astrology vs. Ancient Astrology 

  • If we talk about ancient astrology mainly focuses on situational, external events. It also focuses on the horoscope, which serves as the roadmap of your mind. Meanwhile, contemporary astrology is based on the psychology and character of the person. The new astrological patterns represent your thoughts, your surroundings, and the things that happen to you. To make an accurate prediction of your life, consulting a reputed astrologer in India could be a good choice.
  • In modern astrology, if your natal chart shows some inclination, it can be negated, changed, or reshaped by hard work and positive thinking. But in the case of the traditional one, its roots are mainly fate-based, which helps you to understand your divine instead of transcending your natal chart. 
  • Contemporary astrology did not accept negative elements like bad houses, planets, etc. The modern astrologer believes these are the outcomes of the “non-enlightened age”. On the other hand, traditional astrology concentrates on the position of the stars and planets, which can be fortunate or unlucky. In conventional astrology, every chart is unequal, and not every planet has the same influence. Some can be beneficial, while some can be destructive. Traditional astrology recognizes the challenging and unfavorable elements. 
  • Ancient astrology does not use modern twelve-letter alphabets where signs equal house equals planets. The planetary position of each natal star depicts different aspects of life. For instance, position in the fifth house describes children; the seventh house describes marriage; the eighth signifies death; the tenth shows career, and so on. While modern astrology only makes use of the fundamental meanings of the planets. For instance, it considers Venus as love, Mars as a sign of energy, and so on.
  • Traditional astrology is more about prediction, while contemporary methods of astrology focus more on explanations. An authentic astrologer mostly works on prediction rather than observing things that happened in the past. On the other hand, contemporary astrologers prefer making explanations interpreting outside occurrences in terms of inner thoughts and perceptions. In their view, making predictions is not good enough in their profession. In case of any dilemma, you can speak to an astrologer to predict your present and future scenarios. 
  • Talking about traditional astrology has more emphasis on exterior occurrences and precise predictions. In contrast, the contemporary one mainly focuses on internal happenings and psychological motivation. A modern astrology consultation will always give you the inspiration to overcome your challenges in life. 
  • The primary focus of the traditional methods of astrology is to give detailed answers to specific questions concerned on particular aspects of life. While in modern astrology, the overall framework besides which the questions are answered is character analysis. 


So, above, we have discussed the major differences between the traditional and modern astrological patterns, which have evolved with time. However, these are not limited to only these points; both patterns have a large difference. Astrology is the sea of numerous celestial elements and factors, which is difficult to discuss in words. If someone could observe the world of astrology closely, they would see how huge this world is. Initially, astrology was limited to dimly closed rooms, but since time passed, it has expanded its wings to huge offices, shopping malls, complexes, etc. Even astrologers online  are also available to guide people by giving them a ray of hope. You can even speak to astrologers by doing an astrology chat online. As the methods of astrology changed, they also changed the mindset of people in a big way. 

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