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HealthGynae Singapore: 8 Common Fears That Can Keep You from visiting your...

Gynae Singapore: 8 Common Fears That Can Keep You from visiting your Gynecologist and what to do about them

Gynae is not exactly the most popular of appointments. Many women are either too embarrassed or anxious to book one, even though it’s necessary for their long-term health.

Even if you know that gynae check-ups are important, scheduling one can be challenging. Discussed below are nine common fears that can keep you from going to your gynae in Singapore and what to do about them! To know more about your gynecologist, read more here.

You’re afraid of being shamed by your doctor

You might feel that the doctor you see is judging you for not caring for yourself well enough. But gynae check-ups are not a judgment on your sexual health; they’re a way to keep you healthy, no matter how much sex you’re having or not having.

If you’re sexually active, you should be going to your gynae for check-ups, even if you’re in a monogamous, long-term relationship. STDs and other infections can be present in both new and long-term partners. If you do not have many sex partners, you should still be going for check-ups so your doctor can detect and treat any undiagnosed health issues.

You might be ‘caught’ doing something you shouldn’t be

If you’re worried about your doctor finding out you’re having sex with someone other than your partner, you should go to your gynae appointment anyway. You don’t want to risk having an STD or an unplanned pregnancy just because you’re worried about being ‘caught.’

If you’re worried your doctor will find out you’re having unprotected sex, you can ask your partner to come with you to the appointment so the doctors can advise you appropriately on how to stay safe. Your doctor won’t judge you for being sexually active; they just want to help you stay healthy.

You don’t feel comfortable talking about private matters with a doctor you don’t know well

You can always find another doctor if feel that your doctor doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Some gynae doctors are better at putting their patients at ease than others.

It can be helpful to research different doctors in your area and make sure you know the best times to go to avoid long wait times. If you’re nervous about being able to ask questions or if you feel uncomfortable discussing your medical history, you can bring a friend with you to the appointment. You can also write down your questions ahead of time, so you don’t feel rushed or nervous when you’re in the room.

It costs too much to go to Singapore for gynae check-ups

If you’re worried the cost of an appointment with a gynae in Singapore will keep you from going, you can use some of the following ways to get cheaper or free check-ups. If uninsured, your local low-cost clinics might have sliding-scale appointments.

You can also talk to your university’s health center or nearby schools; they might offer reduced or free gynae services. You can also try to find a free clinic nearby that offers gynae services. They might not have an appointment immediately, but staying on top of their website can let you know when new appointments are available.

You have a bad experience from past check-ups

If your last gynae appointment was uncomfortable or you feel like you had a bad experience, you don’t have to keep going to that same doctor. You can switch to a new gynae in Singapore and get a fresh start.

You don’t want to build a bad relationship with your gynae, as they’ll be helping you with important health issues for years to come. If you’re nervous about finding a new doctor, you can do some online research or ask friends if they have recommendations. You can also call around to different clinics to see if they offer appointments.

The thought of going through a Pap smear again is just icky

If your last gynae appointment was more than a year ago and you have to get a Pap smear, you can get a blood test instead. This test can find many of the same STDs screened for during a Pap smear, but it’s considered more sensitive and can pick up infections missed by a smear.

You can also choose to have a visual inspection of your cervix. It isn’t as sensitive as a Pap smear, but it can still detect many STDs. You can save yourself from having to go through a Pap smear if you feel uncomfortable with it.

If you’re worried about having an uncomfortable or painful experience at your next gynae appointment, you can always talk to your doctor about your worries ahead of time. You can ask if there’s anything you can do ahead of time to make the experience less frustrating.

You’re scared you might get diagnosed with something serious

If you have any fears that your gynae appointment will turn up something terrible, you’re more likely to have it happen. The more anxious you are about what your doctor will find, the more your brain will be looking for medical problems.

It’s normal to be nervous before any medical appointment, but you should try not to let your anxiety get too far out of control. If you’re worried about what your doctor will say, consider writing down questions you want to be answered ahead of time. You can also ask a friend to come to the appointment with you to take notes.

Going means you can’t have sex, which isn’t that fun anyway

If you’re having frequent intercourse, you should still get your gynae appointment. Sex isn’t just about pleasure and fun; it can transmit diseases, including chlamydia and HPV.

Even if you use condoms, you can still get STDs if your partner isn’t being careful. Your doctor will test you for STDs during your gynae appointment.

If you’re having sex with more than one partner, you should get tested for STDs every three months. You might want to get tested annually if you have just one sex partner.

Final Thoughts

Your gynae appointment is an important part of staying healthy. It’s okay to be nervous, but you don’t have to be afraid of your doctor. Your doctor works to help you, not to judge you or shame you.

Don’t let your fears keep you from going to your gynae in Singapore. Once you overcome your anxiety, you’ll feel better prepared to care for your health. If you’re ready to proceed with your gynae appointments in Singapore, give us a call today to schedule one for you. Call:  +65 6636 9909 .

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