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Health3 Most Common Menstruation Myths: Debunked!

3 Most Common Menstruation Myths: Debunked!

Menstruation is real and so are the stereotypes, myths, and suspicions attached with them!

Girls, especially in the region of South Asia, are a victim of orthodox mindsets that do not permit them to comfortably discuss their menstrual problem with anybody including doctors. Considering that there is an urgent need to rectify the perception on this subject, our team has curated a guide to help you identify the myths you are subconsciously believing in and bust them backed by an explanation.

If you think you are struggling with periods or experiencing any abnormal physical changes due to it, we urge you to not hesitate and consult the Best Gynecologist in Lahore.

‘I must menstruate on the same date every month’

You must know menstruation is only a part of your menstrual cycle that spans 28 days on average. The extent of a menstrual cycle is unique to each individual; some might have it lesser than 28 days or last up to 35 days.

The length of your cycle can greatly vary as a result of your emotional state, lifestyle choices, travel, or use of medications. Therefore, it is completely normal if you miss the date and bleed a little afterward. So stop taking measures (remedies or drugs) to induce it if any. What should catch your attention is missing your periods for consecutive months. Here you need an urgent intervention to help you restore your menstrual cycle.

Do not panic! It does not always have to be a serious disease to stop you from getting your periods. A single visit to the gynecologist will screen any issues that exist and it might just be as small a problem as your fluctuating weight, for instance, which you can easily fix before it becomes problematic.

‘It is just like any other pain, anything worse is purely abnormal’

Menstrual pain is nothing like a regular headache. You could feel like multiple knives stabbing into you, this is how worse it can get. Approximately 20 percent of women tend to get affected by dysmenorrhea.

Yes, it is very different from what you usually experience but it is also not normal in times of period. It can be intense enough to intervene with your daily routine. Taking OTC medications (ibuprofen or paracetamol) and attempting home remedies (heat application, oil massage, or eating herbs) are both equally helpful in alleviating menstrual cramps.

‘My grandmother always told me to avoid bath while I am bleeding’

This is the most misunderstood concept by most women globally. People perceive it to have adverse effects on the blood flow either causing a stoppage or an overflow.

Taking shower regularly contributes greatly to your menstrual hygiene. It does stimulate the blood flow to the area thereby easing the muscular tension and relieving the pain. A quick hot shower can greatly elevate your mood and make you feel fresher. It is highly advisable to use mild to moderately hot water and use free-of-fragrance genital products so it is gentle on the vaginal skin/mucosa while also preserving the bacterial balance.

Periods are not shameful! They are maintaining your hormonal balance, slowing your aging process, keeping you young, and protecting you from cardiovascular diseases after all. Play your to modify this society and break the stigma. Suggest women around you to seek medical assistance with a Gynecologist in Islamabad whenever need be.

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