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General11 Items to Consider When Planning to Install CCTV Cameras

11 Items to Consider When Planning to Install CCTV Cameras

In these tough and trying times, what’s the best way to protect your home, property or business establishment? Well, apart from using high-quality materials when building your home or business establishment, it would also help if you install CCTV, or close-circuit television cameras on your property! The surveillance camera is perhaps one of the best innovations in technology, because these serve as your eyes and ears when protecting your home or property. With rising crime and other petty disturbances, CCTV cameras can be of great help. Here are a couple of items to take into account when considering CCTV installation Tullamarine.


One of the first aspects to think about when considering cctv installation Tullamarine is coverage. You’ll need to figure out which zones or areas are generally weak from a security aspect, and should be properly secured.

The CCTV installation firm or contractor will assess your property, to help make sense of the most ideal location to mount cameras, and get ideal inclusion. You can likewise inform the CCTV expert for choosing a particular zone or location where you need to place the camera.


The second aspect to think about when considering cctv installation Tullamarine are the areas where they will be placed When discussing areas, this also implies utilizing various types of cameras, depending on their location.

Like the CCTV camera that you place outside your main door will not be equivalent to an indoor camera. Now, this brings us to the next point, which to not overlook indoor coverage. Like thieves and miscreants often show a lot of signs of improvement at avoiding outdoor cameras, and even the whole area covered can be penetrated by covered intruders. Setting a low-light skilled dome camera can actually spare you a great deal of hardship down the line.


While it’s absolutely legal, and fair, for residential and business owners to protect their property by installing CCTV cameras, there is however a fine line between where to install them, and where not to.

Like, while it’s fair to install CCTV cameras in the perimeter of your home or business establishment, remember that it is illegal to install CCTV cameras in private areas like toilets, or dressing rooms. Like, if you do install CCTV cameras in toilets, bathrooms, sleeping quarters or any private space, you can definitely go to prison for this offense.


Depending on where will you be putting or installing the CCTV cameras, you may need to get official permission from specialists, or even local authorities. In any event, when it is not legally needed, it may actually be an act or symbol of politeness to get permission.

For example, some homeowner’s associations or neighborhood bodies require a little bit of advise or advance notice from anyone who wants to install CCTV cameras.

And, CCTV installation in apartment complexes may sometimes cause issues, like privacy concerns from other unit owners. Thus, as a rule cctv installation Tullamarine may require some form of authorization, permission or consent.


When it comes to talk about cctv installation Tullamarine, the objective here is to buy the best-quality CCTV camera system that’s within your budget, and one that will give you value for your money, as well as provide you with the security requirements that you truly require.

But, when you have a tight budget, it might be wise to invest in an entry-level system first, so that you will have an option of installing more high-end cameras at a later stage. Remember that it would always be better to consider good quality brands instead of quickly opting for cheaper alternatives. But, if your budget is woefully inadequate, then make sure to go for a relatively good-quality entry level CCTV camera!


When considering cctv installation Tullamarine, keep in mind that buying unbranded, or unknown CCTV camera brands, you might get a simple 6-month product guarantee. But if you buy a well-known and high-quality CCTV camera, especially from a reputable brand, they’re more likely to give you a three or even four-year warranty. And, they could even assist you with installation, or provide you with a self-installation guide. 

Camera Capabilities

It is important to discuss with your CCTV supplier or dealer the system’s options and functionalities.  Like, CCTV cameras are available in lens sizes and size options. Thus, you need to consider the degree of the wide-angle lens, so that the CCTV camera you install will be able to establish the field of vision that you truly require.

For example, a CCTV camera with a 4mm lens and 60-degree wide angle will adequately or properly distinguish a human target from up to 4 meters. However, it won’t have adequate range to capture images for the surrounding properties or locations. The CCTV camera’s storage space should also have the capability to be increased by adding extra hard drives to the system.

Camera Type

When seriously considering cctv installation Tullamarine, there are actually three types of CCTV cameras widely available today. These are the entry-level analogue (which is the cheapest option), the HD or high-definition CCTV camera (which is the most expensive option) and the IP, or internet-protocol CCTV (which is also expensive by the way).

The CCTV system or option that you will be selecting would be determined by your current and future security requirements, as we as the quality of the images that you truly require.

Camera Position

The placement of the first CCTV camera will also be determined by the terrain of your home or business establishment, as well as your current security requirements. In most cases, the first CCTV camera will be installed close to the entrance door or gate, while the rest of the CCTV cameras may be placed at weaker (but still crucial) spots like the back wall or exit door.

Support Lighting & Installation

It is important to have adequate support lighting installed when considering cctv installation Tullamarine. Otherwise, the images generated by the cameras will only be in black and white, which can be dull, dreary and blurry. So, discuss the best options with a security professional.

When researching about CCTV systems, it would be so important to include the cost of the whole installation into your equation, so that you will get an accurate estimate of what you’ll be paying towards the completion of the project.

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