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GameDefeat Your Enemies With Swords and Shields

Defeat Your Enemies With Swords and Shields

Stickman Battle is a fun, strategy, and action game for both 1 player and two players. This game is available on both iOS and Android.

Early in the game, you will encounter shielded enemies that block your primary sword attacks. These enemies are not easy to defeat as they require a different approach.


Stick man Battle offers you a cool way to test your sword fighting skills. You can use a variety of weapons to attack the enemies and complete each stage. You can also play Nightmare Mode, which is much more challenging.

There are several different types of melee weapons available in this game, including a hammer and a spear. The hammer is effective at short-range damage, while the spear does medium damage at long range. You can also purchase new heroes to increase your health and strength.

This is a cool game that allows you to fight hordes of enemy warriors in four ages of stick history. The graphics are detailed and the controls are easy to master. You can upgrade your character armor and sword to improve your fighting abilities and become a legend. You can also play with friends to make the game more exciting.


Stickman Battle is a fun, fast-paced, and intense action game. Its gameplay is reminiscent of party-type fighting games, but with more complexity and a variety of weapons. Players can also customize their characters, including the weapons and tools they use.

One of the coolest features in this game is the ability to use shields, which can protect you from enemy attacks. You can also collect cool energy spheres to boost your defenses. This makes the game more interesting and challenging, as you’ll have to try to be the last stickman standing.

This game also features impressive graphics that bring the stickman world to life. The characters look realistic, and the levels are well-designed. You can even play the game with up to three friends. This allows you to compete against each other or cooperate to get through the toughest levels. You can use a range of different weapons, including sniper rifles, laser beams, hand grenades, and even a giant sword.

Weapon Upgrades

As you level up, you can upgrade the weapons in your arsenal. This allows you to damage your enemies more easily and quickly. Moreover, you can earn attractive rewards after completing missions. This way, you can become a supreme warrior and defeat cruel stick men.

Some of the most useful upgrades include the Explosive Bundle, which can destroy several enemies with a single projectile. The Railgun, on the other hand, can fire bullets that can hit multiple enemies at once. This weapon has a high knockback, however, which can send players flying off the map.

Another useful upgrade is the Lightning Tornado, which summons a tornado that strips flesh from bone and electrocutes any players caught inside. It also increases the damage of the Railgun. You can also choose the Flamethrower, which shoots blobs of fire that can burn players and other objects. It can also be used to kill mobs or destroy a building.

Defeating Moblins

Stickman Battle has several different weapons to choose from that all have different properties. Some are good for melee while others are better for ranged combat or rely on gimmicks such as a shield that blocks all attacks from the front. Each weapon also has a different skill tree that the player can level up to increase their attack damage or defense.

The player will encounter a few new variants of moblins in this area including Bomb Moblins that roll bombs toward the player. Additionally, there are Pot Shield Moblins that have hard pots on their heads which make them invulnerable to downward sword slashes. There is also a Fire Wizzrobe that the player can defeat for more experience.

In this exciting ragdoll action game, the objective is to reach the finish line of each stage. However, hordes of stickmen will try to prevent you from making it by attacking you with swords, oversized boxing gloves, guitars that play deadly music notes, and other lethal weapons.

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