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EconomyHow to Create a Positive Workplace with the Help of Vastu?

How to Create a Positive Workplace with the Help of Vastu?

Maximum time in a day is spent in the office, so whether this location adds positivity to our lives or steals our serenity and joy is critical. Suppose your workplace is causing issues such as mental stress, a negative connection with colleagues, bosses, stakeholders, etc., or financial loss due to Vastu faults or Vatsy Dosh.

In that case, you must address the Vastu for the workplace for a pleasant working environment. Vastu as per a Vastu consultant as we all know is a science-based on energy flow, and any mismatch in the movement of Cosmic consciousness around or inside us has negative consequences.

Vastu Shastra balances this uneven energy by using favourable directions, correctly constructing and placing items, and opening seven chakras.

If responded to correctly and given enough importance, Vastu brings economic success and overall well-being to your business. To assist you, we will review some crucial Vastu recommendations you may use in your office.

Vastu for office: Vastu-compliant office building orientation

To ensure success and good fortune, it is critical to adhere to Vastu principles while designing an office or other business facility. The east may be appropriate for a firm in the service industry. Vastu consultant online is the new trend, and this is one of their advice.

What exactly is Vastu Shastra?

Vaastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that promotes peace and happiness by ending negative and beautifying beneficial energy in our environment.

The goal of a Vastu office would be to bring in more good energy and eradicate any negativity from a workplace because a family, business, or even an individual living there may become progressive and wealthy.

In other words, Vastu focuses on creating harmonious buildings in various locations linked with Mother Nature so that the people of the building can have a happy and very healthy existence. Vastu Consultant Online In India has been gaining momentum and attention and is an area we can trust.

Because of the Covid Pandemic, most individuals are currently working from home. People confront several challenges when working from home. People are frequently distracted by the items maintained around them and need to sit in the proper location. In such cases, despite their desire to work, individuals get disorganised, become irritated, or find it difficult to concentrate at their workplace. It is preferable to make certain adjustments to the workstation in line with Vastu to boost productivity.

People need to be aware of Vastu’s mechanism and how it works. “It is not the same collection of Vastu answers for everyone; it is determined by an individual’s date of birth.”

Saral Vastu

Saral Vaastu is an essential factor in the field of Vastu, and Guruji developed the Saral Vaastu Fundamentals after 20 years, including thorough knowledge and study. These concepts are concerned with rebalancing the uneven energy caused by faulty object orientation, construction, and placement. By addressing these flaws in the workplace, one may boost positivism and apply to implement effective Vastu for the workplace. Saral Vaastu advises you on the directions to go for construction and placement. 

Office Vastu: Seating arrangement by department

Entrepreneurs should sit towards the north, east, or northeast in their offices, according to Vastu shastra, because these orientations are thought to inspire growth and fresh beginnings. Vastu for home is a crucial topic and must be taken on very seriously.

Vastu for the office: Seating configuration for management

  • According to Vastu shastra, those in leadership positions should have a cabin in the west facing the northeast.
  • Shop owners should sit with their backs to the east or north. A substantial wall should be behind the seat rather than a wooden barrier or curtain.
  • Managers, directors, and leaders should sit at the office’s southwest, south, or west corner. This sort of Vastu design for workplace seats will assist employees in making better selections.
  • Dark colours such as green, blue, and black must not be utilised on business or office walls; instead, bright colours such as white, cream, and yellow should be used. This reduces the bad energy in the office while increasing the positive energy.
  • Maintain the water arrangement in the office there in the northeast direction. You may build your business and pay off your debts by doing so.
  • Because the god of riches is considered to have been in the northeast direction, the cashier’s sitting at the business or office should only face north.
  • According to Vastu, a table should only have one person working at it. This has an impact on each other’s jobs.

Office entrance Vastu

The entrance to the office should face north, northeast, or northwest. Vastu shastra states these workplace orientations are auspicious and offer positive energy. The north heading is also regarded as the lord of wealth’s direction. It will also assist you in boosting financial profits.

Make good energy

Maintain a clean and clutter-free environment. When not in use, keep documents, stationery, and other objects locked away.

Do not sleep at your work since it attracts negative energy.

Ensure your back is not towards a door when reclining in a cabin. It can breed suspicion, and you might not see individuals entering the room.

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