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BusinessHere Are the Service Features & Benefits of CenturyLink Internet

Here Are the Service Features & Benefits of CenturyLink Internet

Are you a CenturyLink subscriber? Are you in search of unleashing what benefits or features you may have at CenturyLink? Or you are tired of your current internet service provider (ISP) and decided to move to this internet service provider to assess its outstanding internet services? Whatever the scenario you are facing you must know what features and benefits CenturyLink has to offer to you.

We all know that no one can beat CenturyLink when it comes to internet speed, reliability, strong coverage, and low price. However, there is a lot more that you need to about CenturyLink to know why it is incredibly increasing its customer market across the country. There must be some reasons that have made it so successful and in this blog, we are going to expose those features behind its remarkable achievements in the industry.

So, without any further delay let’s dive right into the topic!

CenturyLink – A Short Overview

Before diving into the main topic we would like to deliver you some information about this internet service provider so you can have a piece of comprehensive knowledge of it. We have tried to cover every piece of important information about this top-notch company in the United States in this blog.

Whether you are already familiar with this ISP or have no prior knowledge about it this introductory section will provide you a piece of thorough background information to influence your decision for CenturyLink. So let’s check it out!

CenturyLink is not an ordinary company — it is a family of 45 million Americans spread over 50 states of the country. CenturyLink is crowned as the leading ISP in the telecom and internet industry of the US,  where the competition is skyrocketing due to the tech junkies’ customer market. The ISP is not only working on expanding its network but also trying hard to retain its dominance in the industry by beating other competitors in the industry.

CenturyLink Footmark

CenturyLink possesses a huge footprint in the country for connecting its users to the world. The ISP owns a state-wise footprint in states including Washington, Arizona, Minnesota, and Colorado. Moreover, its fiber and DSL internet connections are spread across the country to facilitate residential customers.

We would like to mention here that the ISP has low coverage and accessibility for its fiber-based internet network. Therefore, its fiber-optic internet has a customer market of around 9.6 million in the United States. On the other hand, for the DSL network, the ISP has a vast network and is accessible to a larger size customer market spread across different states of the country.

But there is no doubt that its fiber-optic internet is less than none and delivering blazing internet speed and delivering exceptionally good performance. That is why despite having a comparatively small network CenturyLink Fiber-optic internet network is competing with its rival in the industry successfully.

Internet Services You will get at CenturyLink

This Louisiana-based ISP is offering internet services in two broad categories including fiber-optic and DSL internet. For DSL internet only, CenturyLink is offering coverage for 49 million Americans which has made it possible for the ISP to win the title of 3rd biggest DSL provider in the country for residential customers. Although for the fiber-optic internet category the ISP is offering coverage for 20 million users which alone has turned CenturyLink into the 4th biggest fiber-optic internet service provider in the United States of America.

Perks you will get with CenturyLink Internet Plans

No matter which CenturyLink Internet Deals, plans, offers, packages, and bundles you will always get a handful of perks. We know that the reason for having you on this blog is to provide you with a deeper view of the perks this internet service provider is offering to its customers for having any of its internet plans. For your convenience we have added internet plans this ISP is offering in the later section as well. So keep scrolling to learn what value you can get through investing in CenturyLink. 

·       Freedom from Mandatory Contracts

Various internet service providers in the country demand customers to sign annual contracts which is a bit annoying for many of us. Especially if you are new to any ISP and want to get its internet services on a trial basis these mandatory contracts are more like a headache. Some ISPs tend to offer annual, bi-annual, quarter, or month-to-month contracts to their customers. Once signed you cannot quit an internet plan, offer, package or bundle amidst the contractual period or else need to pay some fee.

Fortunately, CenturyLink does not believe in binding its customers into contractual agreements. Instead, it charges its customers against the service they use on a month-to-month billing process. It means you don’t need to worry about any early termination fee for canceling any of its internet services.

·       Install Your Devices by Yourself

The second perk you will enjoy at CenturyLink is the freedom to install modem and router devices at your office or home by yourself instead of acquiring a professional installation service from the ISP. However, this perk is not for those who are opting for a CenturyLink fiber gigabit internet plan as it requires a professional team to install what comes along with this package. 

CenturyLink Internet Plans

We have lined up all internet plans from the house of CenturyLink for you here so you can check what features are making these plans enticing for you. From download speed to data allowance we have added all features that you need to know while picking up any of the CenturyLink Internet Plans.

·       CenturyLink Internet 15

CenturyLink Internet 15 plan offers:

  • Bandwidth – 15 Mbps (max) however this speed may vary from area to area.
  • Data allowance – 1 TB
  • Requirements are payment for additional surcharges, fees, and taxes by paperless billing method.

CenturyLink Internet 20

CenturyLink Internet 20 plan offers:

  • Bandwidth – 20 Mbps (max) however this speed may vary from area to area.
  • Data allowance – 1 TB
  • Requirements are payment for additional surcharges, fees, and taxes by paperless billing method.

CenturyLink Internet 40-80

CenturyLink Internet 40-80 plan offers:

  • Bandwidth – 80 Mbps (max) however this speed may vary from area to area.
  • Data allowance – 1 TB
  • Requirements are payment for additional surcharges, fees, and taxes by paperless billing method.

CenturyLink Internet 100

CenturyLink Internet 100 plan offers:

  • Bandwidth – 100 Mbps (max) however this speed may vary from area to area.
  • Data allowance – 1 TB
  • Requirements are payment for additional surcharges, fees, and taxes by paperless billing method.

CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit

CenturyLink Internet Fiber Gigabit plan offers:

  • Bandwidth – 940 Mbps (max) however this speed may vary from area to area.
  • Data allowance – unlimited data
  • Requirements are payment for additional surcharges, fees, and taxes by paperless billing method.

Is CenturyLink Internet Available In Your Area?

CenturyLink is leading the industry with a gigantic coverage scale across the country. Its home phone and broadband services are accessible to millions of people across different states of the United States. Moreover, the ISP is adamantly expanding its network for fiber-optic internet connection in various other cities in the country such as Denver, Phoenix, Idaho Falls, Portland, Seattle, and Salt Lake City. Currently, the ISP is thrilled to reach out to a whopping customer market of 400,000 households in addition to its existing customer market.

It means if previously you were unable to have service coverage of CenturyLink in your area chances are there that soon you will welcome this amazing ISP in your neighborhood. Sounds great, isn’t it? Of course, it is.

Currently, CenturyLink is serving in Areas

However, as of now, the internet service provider is offering its services to widespread customers in areas including Minneapolis, MN, El Paso, TX, Denver, CO, Albuquerque, NM, Cincinnati, OH, San Antonio, TX, Columbus, OH, Austin, TX, Portland, OR, Las Vegas, NV, Salt Lake City, UT, Seattle, WA, Charlotte, NC, Orlando, FL, Colorado Springs, CO, Phoenix, AZ, Jacksonville, FL, Tucson, AZ, Saint Paul, MN and New York, NY.

In a Nutshell

CenturyLink owns a sound reputation among its nationwide customers for having widespread availability of its internet services, fastest and most reliable internet speed, reasonable pricing strategy, customer-centric approach, and rapidly expanding fiber-optic network across the country. Soon you will get the DSL or Fiber internet services across every part of the United States. If you want to explore more about its features and perks we would suggest you visit its official website or contact its 24/7 available customer services by dialing 1-855-349-9310.

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